Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Launch Party!

We're in the midst of planning our Launch Party, which will take place on Thursday, July 9, 6:30 p.m. at Agora Coffeehouse in Fontana Shopping Center (by the fountain), 51st and Memorial. We would love the opportunity to celebrate with you the premiere of Mia! This is a very casual get-together, and you are welcome to bring a friend...or two. We believe in the power of stories, but also in the power of community. We would love to begin to build a Mia community of readers, writers, advertisers, and women who have a story to share. We'll look forward to seeing you on July 9 at Agora!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hand to Hand

Finally! We're holding the magazine in our hands, but we want to quickly get it into YOUR hands. The previous post includes a list of locations where you can pick up a copy of Mia. We're in rack locations across the city, however, we believe that the most effective way to spread the word is hand to hand: women handing other women the magazine. If you would like to be a "hand to hand" distributor for Mia, we would love to give you a stack of magazines. You can reach us through email: lisa@miamagazine.net, Facebook, or Twitter. We have many women who are passing out magazines to friends, family, co-workers, classmates. We'd love to hand you a stack!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Where We Are!

Here are a few of the places where you can find a copy of Mia. We're still distributing, so we'll update you as we add locations.

Agora Coffeehouse - Fontana, 51st and Memorial
All American Fitness - 2530 E. 26th Place
Anne's Daylight Donuts 6021 S. Sheridan Rd.
Belissimo's 61st and Yale
Camille's Sidewalk Cafe-1342 E. 15th St.
Camille's Sidewalk Cafe 6030 S. Yale
Coffeehouse on Cherry Street -1502 E. 15th St
Cosi - 4929 E. 71st St.
DG's Salon - 5555 E. 71st. St., Suite 6112
Fiagaro's Plaza on Lewis
First Watch - 8178 S. Lewis
Fresh Roast Coffee 81st and Harvard
Great Harvest Bread - 5203 S. Sheridan Rd.
Health Zone 5353 E 68th St
Hideaway Pizza 81st and Harvard
Hideaway Pizza 51st/Memorial
Java Dave's 51st and Sheridan
Kaffe Bona (all locations)
LaRoma - 6027 S. Sheridan Rd.Panera Bread -1624 E. 15th St
Lulus Sweet Shoppe - 8005 S. Sheridan
Mr. Goodcents 81st and Harvard
Nordaggio's Coffee - 8156 S. Lewis
Panera Bread - 1624 E 15th St.
Panera Bread - 71st and Garnett
Panera Bread - 41st Street between Yale and Sheridan
Queenies in Utica Square
Queenlet in Utica Square
Savoy Restaurant - 6033 S. Sheridan Rd.
Shades of Brown Coffee & Art - 3302 S. Peoria Ave.
Sideways in Brookside
Starbucks - 5984 S. Yale (Kingspoint Shopping Center)
Starbucks (Farm Shopping Center)
Symmetry Salon and Day Spa in London Square - 61st and Lewis
The Market 81st and Harvard
Tulsa Junior College (Metro and South Campuses)
University of Phoenix

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcome to Mia!

Summer days are great for daydreaming. We're doing a little of that here at Mia. Our premiere issue is out on Friday, and we've already begun working on the Fall issue, which will be out in September. We've also launched our website, which, if you're reading this means you've found it. Congratulations! But we're letting our dreams take us even beyond the next issue and what you see on the website. We are excited to begin building a Mia community of women who share their stories with one another. We want to bring you even further into our community, so we're looking at ways to archive stories on our website. We're only able to print a limited number of stories in our magazine, so we're dreaming about ways to hear the voices of women everywhere.

We're also daydreaming about how to spread the word about Mia through women who believe in the importance of storytelling. Women are always excited to share with other women about something they believe in. We want our magazine to be distributed in two ways: the traditional rack at coffee shops, salons, restaurants, boutiques. But we also want to distribute from the hand of one women into the hand of another woman. There is no better endorsement. So we're dreaming about how to get magazines into the hands of women who will pass them on.

And finally, we're daydreaming about YOU. We want to make sure we connect with you in some way: through our print magazine, our website, our Facebook or Twitter page. We wonder about your opinions, your suggestions, your thoughts. We want to know your story. Please consider this your invitation to become part of the Mia community in whatever way you can. We'd love to hear from you. You can find us on Facebook or Twitter. You can comment on our blog. You can email us at lisa@miamagazine.net.

We'll have a list of locations where you can find our magazine on this blog, and on our Facebook page. Look for us. We'll be looking for you! Enjoy these summer days, and find some time for doing some of your own daydreaming. Welcome to Mia, the magazine by, for, and about women. It's your magazine.