Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Distribution Locations

Get Mia at these locations!

Agora Coffee Shop 51st and Memorial
Anne's Daylight Donuts 58th & Sheridan
Baxter’s Interurban 717 S. Houston Ave.
Believers Coffee Shop 47th & Memorial
Camille’s Cherry Street Market
Camille’s 61st and Yale
Camille’s 96th and Riverside
Camille’s Woodland Hills
Chimi’s 81st and Sheridan
Coffee House on Cherry Street
Cosi 71st and Yale
Double Shot Coffee Co. 1730 S. Boston Ave.
Elote 514 S. Boston
Figaro’s 81st and Lewis
First Watch 81st and Lewis
Flirt Utica Square
Fresh Roast 81st & Harvard
Great Harvest Bread 51st & Sheridan
Hideaway 81st and Harvard
Ihloff Salon and Day Spa Utica Square
Ihloff Salon and Day Spa 84th & Memorial
IO Metro 51st and Sheridan
Isabella’s Brookside
Jan Markey Gifts 61st and Yale
Java Dave’s 51st and Sheridan
Kaffe Bona Church @ Battlecreek
Kaffe Bona Riverwalk Crossing
Kaffe Bona 91st and Yale
Kaffe Bona Eastgate Metroplex
LaRoma’s 58th and Sheridan
Little Black Dress Cherry Street
Lola’s Bowery 5 E. Brady
LSD Photography Brookside
Lulu’s 51st and Sheridan
Mary Ruby 61st and Yale
Mecca Coffee Co. Brookside
Nordaggio’s 81st and Lewis
Panera 41st and Yale
Panera 71st and Garnett
Perfect Touch 91st and Yale
Reflexion Spa 3912 E. 91st
Savoy 58th and Sheridan
Shades of Brown Brookside
Sideways Brookside
Starbucks 61st and Yale
Starbucks 71st and Garnett
Starbucks Utica Square
TCC/SE Campus 81st and HWY169
The Market 81st and Harvard
TiAmos 61st and Sheridan
Topeca Coffeehouse 115 W. 5th Street
Whole Foods 41st and Peoria
Windsor Market 71st & Memorial
All Tulsa City/County Libraries

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