Friday, December 3, 2010

Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit!

I love this skirt!! Here is my problem: This skirt is a perfect fit, but I only have one. I would like to have about two or three more that fit me like this one. Do you have this problem? Do you love to sew your own clothes but find it difficult to make commercial patterns fit? Has your favorite blouse seen better days but is no longer available in stores? Would you like to update your most flattering skirt by remaking it in a new fabric or adding new details? If so, you can find the solutions in your own closet - by creating customized sewing patterns using garments you already own and love to wear. "Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit" shows you step-by-step how to do it.

Steffani Lincecum is a theater costume designer who has worked on television and move sets in Hollywood and used her skills and talents to create beautiful clothing. In the book, she demonstrates the rub-off, a method of pattern drafting used by fashion and costume industry professionals that traces an existing garment or accessory without deconstructing or damaging it. You will be able to refresh your favorite fashions and replenish your whole wardrobe with brand-new looks. Amazing! The book is beautiful, user-friendly, and accessible to anyone - even those of us who have a limited knowledge of basic sewing skills. She has a great story, too. We're giving away two copies of the book to two of our readers who post a comment.

My favorite skirt fits me great without puffing out around my hips. It's not too short or too long. And yes, I wish I had about three more made just like it. So I bought the book!!

So do you have a favorite piece of clothing? What is it and why is it special to you? Post a comment for a chance to win "Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit"!


  1. favorite gray t-shirt. very worn, very soft. i think i've had it for nearly 4 years now.

  2. My favorite piece of clothing was a hoodie. It got lost in a move. I loved it because it was reversible. Now, my favorite piece of clothing are pajama bottom capris. Yes, capris. Almost IMPOSSIBLE to find. People seem to either want shorts or long pants for pajama bottoms. Guess I am just weird. lol My one pair is getting pretty worn!

  3. an orange scarf. My mom surprised even herself one day when she signed up for a beginners knitting class at our church. Her first (and later, we would find out her last) attempt was to make a scarf. Though she was dissapointed with the results, she gave me the scarf as planned. It was loose in some places, an orange I have never set eyes on, and it could reach the floor if I were only a few inches shorter, but I found it absolutley beautiful because My mom, not the most crafty of the bunch (hmm... maybe that's where I get it. ha) had made it.. and had made it for me. To this day I recieve several comments on how unique it is, and I proudly say, "My mom made it!" Unique, as it should be. :)

  4. My fav article of clothing are my leggins...they help me get through the holidays =)

  5. May not be a piece of clothing yet, but I have two yards of batik fabric from the 70s that I bought because I loved it, and was just sure that someday I would make a really cool skirt with it. Come to think of it, the skirt photo you posted might be just the one. Now, if I could just remember where I put the sewing machine...and if I could just find the time.

  6. My favorite piece of clothing is my old leather jacket. It's faded by now and has a couple of creases, but I think that just gives it a unique personality. :)

    Thanks for doing this giveaway. If I win, my email is grig at gmx dot com