Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Morning Writing Prompt, April 4

When I think back on all the places I've lived, one stands out: our Phoenix, Ariz. rental house with 11 grapefruit trees in the backyard. It was a former fruit orchard and the yard always smelled like rotting fruit. Good memories! I don't think I've touched a grapefruit since we lived in that house.

So, here's your writing prompt for today:

What is the most unusual dwelling you've lived in? Write about it.

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Happy Monday!

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  1. While in college, I spent three of my summer breaks working as an intern at a rescue mission in Kansas City, Missouri. We were paid $25.00 a week and we lived in the homeless shelter with families and single women. I fell asleep listening to Mothers trying to soothe their children to sleep and awoke the sounds of children playing ball in the crowded hallways.

    Since this experience, I have always been grateful for a bed to sleep in. And God made it clear that my life's calling was to always make sure that homeless Mothers and their Children had a safe place to lay their head.

    So today, I don't mind the children playing in the hallway of Lindsey House. And when a donor asks if they can donate their old sheets instead of new ones for an apartment, I smile and say, "gently used is fine but remember just how nice it is to crawl into fresh, new sheets after a long, hard day."