Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Morning Writing Prompt, November 21

It's Monday. It's cold and cloudy. It's supposed to rain tonight - possibly enough to flood some areas. Sometimes it's good to just go with it. Here is your writing prompt for today:

Write about your gloomiest day.

Happy Monday? Yes, Happy Monday.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Imagine This: Monday Morning Writing Prompt, Nov. 7

Today, a visual writing prompt. Fun!

Imagine you are on a cross-country trip to visit a friend.
Your car breaks down here. 
Write a short story about what happens next.

Happy Monday!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Boo! Monday Morning Writing Prompt, October 31

How convenient that today is a holiday of sorts for children (and adults who are kids at heart). Our memories of childhood often center around the excitement and anticipation of a holiday. And what better kid holiday is there than one that requires costuming and consuming sugar? So, here is your writing prompt for today:

Write about your favorite childhood memory of Halloween. Favorite costume. Favorite candy. Favorite scary moment. 

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goodbyes: Monday Morning Writing Prompt, October 25

Keep in mind, we call it the Monday Morning Writing Prompt whenever it's posted. So it's Tuesday. I spent a long weekend in Phoenix reuniting with old friends that I haven't seen in almost 15 years. It was wonderful, but at the end of my time with them I had to do the same thing I did 15 years ago. I had to tell them goodbye. I don't like telling friends and family goodbye. Never have. Then again, there are some goodbyes that I do like. I like saying goodbye to summer, the flu, long-winded get the idea. So here is your writing prompt for today: Write about saying goodbye to someone you loved, or to something you didn't love. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Five Words and a Screen: Monday Morning Writing Prompt, October 10

I've only recently begun to appreciate this kind of writing prompt. It forces me to move a little out of my writing "comfort zone," which is always a good thing. If you are especially proud of what you produce as a result of this writing prompt, then we will be too. So send it our way. Recently, one of our readers sent in her writing prompt and it is going to be published in the next issue of Mia. You never know... So here is your prompt for today: Write a 300-400 word short story in which you use the words: terminal, peso, anthropologist, polyester, exhaust, slipper. Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Reader Loved This Book: Wednesday Good Read Recommendation

This is the week for posting from our readers, which I love. After a while, I tire of hearing my own voice and we always love to hear YOUR voice. Nancy Simpson recommends Same Kind of Different As Me. Her book club read it and loved it. Her comments: "True story. Wonderful characters. So many details for discussion. Makes you really think." That's a great book review - succinct but enticing! Per her recommendation, I've already acquired the book and it's on my "to read" stack. Thanks Nancy. Okay, we would love more book recommendations from you. To get you motivated, here's a prompt: send us your favorite summer read. Surely you've finished it by now, right?, or post a comment here. Happy Reading!

Monday, September 12, 2011

From a Reader: Monday Morning Writing Prompt, September 12

I'm posting a wonderful writing prompt that a reader sent a few weeks ago. She loves yoga and says that it sparks her creativity, so she wanted to put this out for our bloggers/writers: Write about an activity or sport you do that takes your thoughts to new creative levels. Although hers was yoga, she said she also gets some of her best ideas in the shower! I can relate to that one. My mother used to solve the world's problems when she was ironing. What's the activity that sparks your creativity? Write about it and then send it our way: For our subscribers, you should be getting your copy of the Fall issue in the mail this week! The issue will hit the stands next week. (Hint, hint: if you subscribe, you get your copy first.)