Wednesday, March 10, 2010

International Women's Day Fair: We're There!

Mia magazine was invited to participate in the International Women's Day Fair held at TCC South on Tuesday. The fair was organized and sponsored by Phoebe Baker's Women's Studies class (an amazing group of women, and one brave man.) The purpose was to highlight International Women's Day, and to offer the women at TCC a look at the many and varied services, organizations, businesses and groups that are geared toward them. We were honored to be there, and were thrilled to hand out over 150 magazines. More importantly, we met and talked with many women with incredible stories to share. This is our FAVORITE thing to do! There are so many courageous, determined, creative, smart women who walk through the doors of Tulsa Community College, and we were privileged to meet a few of them. And we learned some things as well:

70% of those living in poverty are women.
80% of the world's refugees and displaced persons are women and girls.
70% of the illiterate people in the world are women.
Each year of school can boost the future earnings of a girl by 10%.
Women produce 50% of the world's food and own 1% of the earth's land.
Women do 2/3 of the work in the world and earn 10% of the pay.

Amazing statistics. Mia magazine loves to highlight women who have overcome, and are living life fully, deeply, and with creative purpose. Thanks for letting us join in on a wonderful event.

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