Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Newest Team Member

Michelle Presley is our new Advertising Director. Welcome aboard Michelle! Advertising is such an important part of Mia magazine. We do not publish advertorials or self-promotional articles about products or businesses. We depend on paid advertising to make the publication of Mia possible. We're adamant about this, and so we treat our advertisers very well. Michelle is such an important part of our team because she has direct communication with our advertisers - first and foremost sharing with them why their presence in Mia is a huge benefit to their business. Then she makes certain that they are taken care of all along the way, from the signing of the contract to the final product. Now that she is part of the Mia team, we're wondering how we were able to live without her! We know our advertisers are in good hands, and that makes us breathe a little easier. Thanks Michelle!!


  1. I feel so blessed to have found this magazine and the wonderful people that make it happen. Thank you for all of your support!

  2. Well, I guess we've hit the big time. We've got an honest-to-goodness advertising director. I'd buy an ad. I would! Lina