Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Morning Writing Prompt, December 20

My network is down, so I'm sending this blog post from my IPad. What a way to start a week, right? This time last year, I wouldn't have had this option (no birthday IPad yet), which causes me to think about the giant leaps forward our lives have been forced to take because of technology. Is it a good thing, or not so good? I'm heavily dependent on my Macbook, IPad, IPhone, IPod and Internet connection. In fact, as soon as I finish this post, I'm calling Cox to get my connection back up. Since I'm working from home today, it's vital that I have all my technology in working order.

Which leads me to today's writing prompt:
Go back in time before cell phones, laptops, and the other somewhat frivolous items (IPads, IPods, e-readers). Write about a day in the life of your technological "dark ages."

Now this, I would love to read! Even if you only have a cell phone, your life had to be different when you were reduced to depending on your land line. How did you keep up with teenagers before cell phones? What was an evening like without checking email and the Internet constantly on your laptop? Life without Facebook? I'd love to hear about it. Share your writing with us:

I hope you're keeping a notebook of your writing. I still love using a blank journal for jotting down ideas, thoughts, memories, moments. I discovered these journals several years ago (sometimes they carry them at Barnes and Noble). Check out Jill Bliss journals

Happy Monday!

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