Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Morning Writing Prompt, December 27

It's two days after Christmas and I've already cleaned out a closet. I usually wait until after the New Year to start my "resolution of organization," but I needed a place to put the Christmas wrapping, ribbons, gift bags, and party supplies that I purchased on clearance at yesterday's after-Christmas sale. There is something about purging and reorganizing that kicks my brain into gear (which usually leads to more purging and reorganization). The closet that has caused me to open its door with trepidation is now a functioning part of my house. The next room I plan to tackle is my office. It's overflowing with books, papers, unfinished projects, and clipped magazine and newspaper articles. For weeks I've been finding other places to take my laptop and work because my office seems to be taunting and strangling me with its clutter.

So here is today's writing prompt:

Describe a room in your home that makes you feel peaceful and creative. What is it about the room that inspires you? What are you creating within that room?

If you don't have a room like that, you should. So think about that for a New Year's resolution. Can you find a place in your home that you can make your own, and then use it to create something beautiful?

If you are looking for inspiration to clear the clutter out of your life, the Simple Mom blog is a great place to land for a while. There are many posts that are also applicable to those who don't have young children (or any children). Happy writing (and organizing)!

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