Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Morning Writing Prompt, January 31

I'm big on resolutions so I did make some for the New Year. One of them is to take more photos. Here's a big secret: I make this resolution every year. I've finally found a way to keep this one, however, by making a photo book to give my family at Christmas. It's our "year in photos." I don't want the book to be skimpy, so that means throughout the year I have to keep my camera handy and actually take pictures! It's been a good way to keep my resolution.

I think taking photos and writing go hand in hand because both are forms of storytelling. We can tell stories with words or pictures, but often it works best when one accompanies the other. So here is this week's writing prompt:

Find one of your favorite photos, old or recent, and write the story behind it.

I'll be posting mine later this week, and I would love to read (and see) yours. Send it to me:
We're collecting the writing prompt responses that you're sending, and will use some of them in a future issue of Mia, so keep them coming!

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