Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Writing Prompt, January 24

I've changed the title of this to the Monday Writing Prompt. We're approaching magazine deadline and these days the morning is gone before I realize it. So, in the spirit of being flexible, let's just drop the Monday, shall we? Around here, it's almost dinner time and I'm thinking of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. My mother used to throw together this quasi-meal when my father was out of town on business. This week MY husband is out of town and it's just the youngest one and me, so in honor of my mother (who knew how to take advantage of a situation when it presented itself), I'm popping open a can of Amy's Organic Chunky Bisque soup and slapping two slices of cheese on rye bread. In the immortal words of Rachael Ray, "yum-o!"

So here is your Monday writing prompt:

What is your most memorable meal, and what made it special?

Send your writing to me at I need ideas for the rest of the week!

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