Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Morning Writing Prompt, March 28

One of my projects this year (and every year for the past decade) is to get my old photos scanned and organized. In the midst of shuffling through photo boxes to collect all my official school photos, I began to see a pattern emerge. In my younger years, my hair had been "styled" by my mother. Keep in mind, this was the very early 1970s when many little girls were wearing either a) bouffant type hair like their mothers or b) straight across bangs with an upcurl bob (see photos above). My mother was quite proud of these hairstyles I'm certain. I was a bit of a tomboy, so I was mostly ambivalent about them. But now I have to admit, they were pretty bad.

As the years progressed, I made my own decisions about hair. I should say up front that these were not always good decisions and so I haven't posted any pictures of those. But I'd like to hear about YOUR hair. So, here is your writing prompt for today:

Remember your worst haircut, or worst hairdo trend that you followed (think feathered bangs). Describe it and write about the era of that particular hairstyle.

Send your writing to Happy Monday, and I hope you have a good hair day!


  1. You are so not alone, lol. My 'mom-styled' pictures are from the late 60'. My son recently was looking at old pictures of me and had a really good laugh about them.

  2. I'm hoping that my own children don't hold their hairstyles against me too much. My son grumbles about his two year-old haircut. I wouldn't dare put up a photo of it, but it does sort of look like a bowl cut.