Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Morning Writing Prompt, February 28

It's Monday, the sun is shining, it's the last day of February, the Spring issue of Mia is being distributed, and I'm working with my dog at my feet. She snores, but I find it an acceptable accompaniment to my fingers clicking away on the keyboard. So in honor of Grace, my nine-month-old black lab, here is your writing prompt for today:

Write a story from the perspective of your favorite childhood pet. Make sure to include details about how the pet sees you and your family.

Happy Monday!


  1. As I lay here all sprawled out from stem to stern, I have absolutely no worries nor responsibilities for the day and defiitely no consequences of the night before. With a single sound, I am given food & fresh water. When my owners get up to give me food and water, when they return I am in their spot laying sprawled out from stem to stern once again. I am Rufus the Willard family cat and I love my life.

  2. Love that name...Rufus!

    Here is Snowball's story:
    "They invade my sleeping space all day long. The tall people move that enormous, loud machine in and out. The little people sit at the back and wave at me through the window as they leave. A few times my tail has almost been crushed by the four round things that help it go forward and backward. But every now and then, when the sun is bright and high in the sky above, they let me hop into that back seat with my little people and we go for a ride. We land in a place where there are millions of other dogs (at least it seems that way - I'm so excited I forget to count!), and new smells that put my senses on overload. I love those days. In fact, I think those are the best days. Who am I kidding? I'm a dog. Every day is the best day!

  3. OKAY! I snore too.
    I'm a dog - and snoring is one of the highlights of my oh-so peaceful day. The humans with whom I share this space snap their fingers; sometimes they shout my name, "Cream!" with a most distasteful tone. They think I will stop making so much noise. I roll over - more times than not - pretending to quiet down. I'm old. I sleep. I snore. I'm entitled. I've earned the luxury of noisily napping in the middle of that sweet spot on the cool tile floor. They love me and I know it.